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About Us

Who we are…

Our team of award-winning artists, journalists, scriptwriters, animators, strategists, and humorists lives for stories. Nothing is more satisfying to us than the perfect single-panel comic: that elegant and hilarious distillation of a concept’s true essence.

We bring that sensibility to all the work we do: to our graphic recording engagements and to the studio. Our end goal is always the best version of your story.


No matter what we’re working on, we help you make space for breakthroughs. Access those elusive elegant solutions you can't believe you didn't think of sooner. (Aren't the best ideas always like that?)

Find those “you can do that?” moments.

Expand what’s possible.


Josh Adams

CFO | President

Josh brings remarkable sensitivity to developing a business aligned with the people we serve. Informed by his perspective as an engineer, he ensures that we manage the resources and honor the contributions each artist makes to our team.

In his past, Josh founded 3 companies, managed a $35 million spend in corporate America, and traveled throughout Asia and Central America to develop projects.  

Ask him about additive 3-D printing only if you are also planning to change the world.


Camille Benoit

Director of Marketing and Sales

Camille is a passionate relationship builder and advocate for our clients. She demonstrates a core value of More Belief as she listens for the client stories we are here to serve. Emerging from the heyday of advertising agencies ruling the roost, she has invented a more elegant, thoughtful approach to reaching our audiences.

Ask her about the time she hiked her way to the Mount Everest base camp if you feel like giving up but know you should not.


Timothy Foss

CEO | Graphic Recorder, Visual Facilitator

Tim brings over 20 years of experience working as a fine artist and entrepreneur in the creative industry. He founded MORE BELIEF to tell a new story that closed the gap between the arts and leadership.

Don't ask him about Charles Schultz, Lucinda Williams, or Garrison Keilor, unless you want to hear a diatribe about populist artists.


Jake Rudegeair

Talent Manager | Graphic Recorder

Jake is a philosopher, writer and artist. The exact kind of unique blend of energies we have to combine to deliver brilliant illustrations that actually tell relevant stories for the people that witness our work live.

Through his practice as a graphic recorder, he has learned to manage and define the quality of what we deliver.

Ask him about The Wire and you'll learn more than you realized was possible from a TV.