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Insight Illustration Bundle of 5 Sessions


Insight Illustration Bundle of 5 Sessions


Save $55 on the overall price of 5 sessions and build upon the foundational first session toward a narrative visual arc that can serve you for years to come.

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Welcome! I look forward to a chance to visualize some insights with you!

Please book an appointment on my calendar link here for one and a half hours at a time that's convenient for you. 

There is nothing to prepare, but it is helpful to ask yourself this question before you arrive, "what would you like to see?"


Disclaimer: While I hold a Master's Degree in Fine Art and have spent 10 years as an arts educator, I am not a licensed therapist. This work is purely exploratory, providing you the space and agency to uncover insights that I will help you visualize. If your time with me suggests a concern about your mental health or stability, I will refer you to a licensed therapist.