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“Anni really understood our brand and wrote something that didn’t sound like corporate language – it sounded real and that’s why it resonated with our clients.”



When we work with brands – both new and established – the first step is a kind of unveiling: removing the layers of old language and assumption to get to the heart of what needs to be said. This is where the right words live. We go for clarity: yes, it should sound good. But it needs to be true first.

Through deep research – interviews, content reviews, sifting through data, competitive analysis, and more – we learn a brand inside and out. We want to know who you were, who you are, and who you hope to be. And we learn about your audience and industry landscape too, so we are targeting the right people in the right way.

From here we develop the best possible brand language – mission/vision/values, brand promise, brand DNA, and other high-visibility brand materials.

Then we can roll that vision into a new business strategy and deliver a clear roadmap outlining steps to achieve your goals – steps that are firmly in line with your newly defined brand identity.

From Anni...

Think of me as a deeply-experienced extension of your branding and strategic team. I do my homework so that I can step in and get right to work, offering insight from day one.

I have 15 years of experience bringing clarity, reinvention, and award-winning ideation to companies like Kia, Morton Salt, LinkedIn, Oracle, American Express, and Lenovo (among many others).

Alongside my More Belief partner, Tim Foss – a fine art graphic facilitator with a knack for mapping connections nobody knew existed – we make branding and business development an engaging, enlightening, team-building experience. We aim to help your colleagues hear each other, think clearly, distill their opinions and thoughts, and build strong consensus around the final plan. This renewed sense of ownership and comradery will help propel you through execution too – a nice meta-level benefit of working with More Belief.