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Visual Facilitation

We offer two main types of Visual Faciliation. Visualizing Outcomes or Insight Illustration. We can also design experiences around a hand-illustrated aesthetic.

Visualizing Outcomes

Meetings, Brainstorming Sessions, Problem-Solving.

You have a meeting coming up and your team has some problems to solve. You've been thinking about them for a while and are feeling stumped. You're struggling to get everyone aligned to stay productive when you meet...

Transform your next meeting into an innovation lab.

More Belief's Visual Facilitators are both artists and strategists. We use live drawing and thoughtful framing to help leadership teams to dig in to difficult discussions and find elegant solutions. 

Visual facilitation is about deep listening first, strategic drawing second. It's more than transcription or illustration, it's framing, juxtaposing, and building the conversation. It's an effective tool for finding flow as a team, forging a path through confusion, clearing hurdles, and solving tricky problems.  

Get a fresh perspective to inspire breakthrough ideas.  Connect with your colleagues.  Expand what's possible. 

Insight Illustration

Retreats, Workshops, Coaching.

During retreats, workshops, or one-on-one coaching, people often have deep insights and experiences that words just can’t capture. They feel moved in the moment. They experience a sense of meaning, purpose, and connection. That feeling lasts a while, but eventually, it dissipates. The work becomes a nebulous sense of something profound that's difficult to access. Returning to home-base, the progress that was made, is lost.

Bring home an illustration of your most cherished insights.

Timothy Foss is an award-winning illustrator and visual storyteller who efficiently creates beautiful, custom watercolor and ink drawings for session participants. He coaches visual discovery parallel to the session agenda, to create a meaningful artifact that makes insight tangible - bringing meaning to life, on the spot. The artwork is a hook for the learning, and it's a personal fine-art object participants can bring home and enjoy. It's a daily reminder of their profound experience, and it helps them hold on to breakthroughs for lasting change.

Set up a free consultation with Timothy to work with him one-on-one, or learn how he can shape this model to deliver work for an event you are hosting.

Many of the featured samples above come from projects with the consulting group, Disruptive Element.