I’m the CEO of a startup BECAUSE I’m a mom.

Being a mom has made me much more effective at my job. I’m patient, listen well, and know how to show up even when I’m dog tired. I’m firm when I need to be. I have clever tactics of persuasion. I get it done.

Having two natural births, one a homebirth, made me believe in my power; the wisdom of my crazy animal body; and the deep strength, will, determination, and badass intensity of which I’m capable. Pushing out a human and experiencing every ache, every insane muscular contraction, every bit of stretching and pulling and pushing and pressure… It was hard as hell but it made me feel alive. Like, I’d never felt alive for real before that moment.

I’m so grateful for that experience. I was even grateful during the toughest, most painful part of it: when my water broke right before my daughter crowned and it felt like her head was a cannonball shot from inside me. I screamed a guttural animal scream. I was DOING IT! Every cell was juiced. And then, I did it.

My baby girl was born in a tub in my living room and I caught her with my own hands.

Because of this experience, I bring some epic strength to my work every day. It’s a no-holds-barred pure confidence in my ability to push through and throw down. My kids showed me what I’m made of and it makes me proud and I throw it around and if I were a guy people would call me “confident” or “a leader” but I’m a girl so they call me “egotistical” or “bossy.”

Or, recently, “masculine.” Because clearly raw power has to be male.

So… is it weird that I’m talking about my birth and how it relates to work? A lot of you probably feel like it’s weird. And I get it! I feel weird sharing this in a business context - linking my animal birth to my executive life. It’s not typically done.

But… why?

No matter how it happens – natural, medicated, c-section – birth is an intense experience. From the often grueling 40 weeks of gestation, to the act of expelling a human creature from your body, to the marathon sleepless existence that lasts a lifetime. So… why don’t we talk about what it teaches us? Why aren’t we “thought leaders” about this? Why have I never seen a thing titled, like: CEO Moms to Host Exclusive Global Webinar on GETTING SHIT DONE!?

Birth is a sporting event. It’s the Olympics of life. It’s the metamorphosis.

If we were a bunch of caterpillars and someone LITERALLY turned into a butterfly, we’d probably pay attention to that. We’d listen with bated breath as that butterfly told us what it felt like to transform. We’d ask about its new perspective and we’d honor its wisdom. Unless a vagina was involved - then we wouldn’t give the butterfly any time off and would shame it into working the caterpillar way and crawling around despite the beautiful fucking wings right on its back that make it able to fly.

My point is, every mom is a butterfly. Every mom transforms from a single being to a mentor, from a learner to a teacher. That transformation creates a depth of character, strength, resolve, reserve, and yes, wisdom, that is undervalued and ignored in professional places in America.

How do I know this? What are my facts? If motherhood was respected and revered, mothers would be supported. They would be paid more than their peers. They would be leading teams and companies because of their mom-ness, not despite it.

By the way, moms, this is the future we need to make for ourselves. And we can. See below.

I know I might be making some people feel threatened. If you feel threatened, just remember, you were created inside a human woman. She made you. Have a little respect. Check yourself.

A couple of years ago I would have been afraid to say all this whilst at work. But Donald Trump is president. Anyone can say anything nowadays. Carte blanche, dudes. So, I’m harnessing my power as the bringer of actual life to say, moms, let’s TALK. Let’s tell the story of our births and how they made us great. Let’s own our power. Let’s BE who we ARE, even at work.

I’m amazing at my job. Also, I’m a mom. In order to become one I had this crazy physical experience far more intense than some other CEO’s quintapathalon or whatever and I think we all need to talk about that. Because YOU DID TOO. Yes YOU! Mom! Woman! Mother! Professional!

CALLING ALL PROFESSIONAL MOMS: Let’s finally talk about it. Share your birth experience. Don’t be afraid. Tell the professional world why and how your birth has helped you excel in a business context. Because I want to know. I want to celebrate you. And, if we all just start talking, change happens. #B2Birth