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Pro Graphic Astronaut Training!

For the Aspiring or semi-Pro Graphic Recorder

Visual Space creates Change.

How do you harness this change when the solo graphic recorder needs to have a confident approach to drawing, listening, customer relations, personal practice, branding, and materials. More Belief has packaged all of this in a course that builds community as we go. The course is 8 weeks long:

  1. Principles of Graphic Recording. Outer Space. 
  2. Elements of Graphic Recording. Ground Control. 
  3. Practice. Your core visual vocabulary. Drawing. Materials. Play.
  4. Fears. Preparation & Managing Expectations through contracts that are easy.
  5. ON-Site practice with peer support. Listening well.
  6. Post-Production. Extending the shelf-life. Branding your work. Technology.
  7. ON-Site Practice. Flying Solo. 
  8. Final Review and critique. Cocktail Party toast at the Marvel Bar. 

Every Tuesday evening

from 6pm to 8pm.

Starts January 10th, ends February 28th, 2017

Cost: $800

More Belief Visual Space-Shops

Every 2nd Tuesday of every month join More Belief in Minneapolis for a community gathering of visual learners headed by More Belief's founder and chief Spaceman, Timothy Foss, and convened by the ever-expanding community of Graphic Astronauts. Check out the video below for a walk-through of what happens, and sign up here for any 3rd Saturday coming up! 

Cost: $25

Who: Any experience Level

When: 2nd Tuesdays 730am-9am