Graphic Recording

Live drawing that helps people see connections, retain information, visualize problems, and feel like part of the action. 

How can we help visualize your story?

Fascinate Attendees

Live slides, listening walls, & performance drawing

Create Killer Assets

Hand-drawn illustration for marketing, education, & impact

Elevate Meetings

Brainstorming sessions, visual facilitations, & retreats

Make Training Fun (and Effective)

Workshops, creative teaching,
& interactive learning

Be an Active Listener

Graphic focus groups, journey maps, & feedback charting

The Many Things Your Graphic Recording Can Become... 

Recordings as Visual Summary

Client: Medtronic I.T. Team Branding Retreat

Graphic Recording as Poster Campaign

Client: City of Medina, Minnesota Core Values Deep Dive

Graphic Recording as Timelapse Video

Client: Medtronic Team Strategy Session

Graphic Recording as Logbook

Client: Bush Foundation Learning Leaders

Graphic Recording for your Presentation

Client: Association of Professional City Managers

Performance Drawing

Client: Cisco Global Sales Event

Graphic Recording as a Global Language

Client: 3M-Global Council on Oral Care

Business Model Canvas

Client: Leadership Consulting Firm—Disruptive Element