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More Belief Customer Survey

Take five minutes to fill out our survey, and choose a contact option at the bottom for a discount on your next event!

Name *
Before the Event
Before the event, More Belief... *
Before the event, More Belief...
...was clear and prompt managing my expectations.
...made it easy to convince my team to use More Belief's services.
During the event
During the Event, the graphic recording... *
During the Event, the graphic recording...
...made the content easier to recall.
...increased participant engagement.
...increased participants' understanding of the content.
...made the content more personal.
...was an accurate interpretation of the content.
After the event
After the event... *
After the event...
...Participants offered me positive feedback about the graphic recording.
...the graphic recordings became a conversation piece back at home-base.
...More Belief's visual summary created a buzz.
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