Award-winning Artist, Animator, & Humorist

The artist

Timothy Foss is an award-winning artist, animator, and humorist that lives to create stories. Nothing is more satisfying to him than the perfect single-panel comic: that elegant and hilarious distillation of a concept’s true essence.

Tim brings that sensibility to all the work he does: to graphic recording engagements and to the studio. His end goal is always the best version of your story.

Expand what’s possible.


Timothy Foss

CEO | Visual Storyteller

Tim brings over 20 years of experience working as a fine artist and entrepreneur in the creative industry. He founded MORE BELIEF to tell a new story that closed the gap between the arts and leadership. His passion is entering the flow state while drawing in order to serve others with the creative discoveries he makes.

Don't ask him about Bill Watterson, Lucinda Williams, or Bob Dylan, unless you want to hear a diatribe about the value of populist artists.