How to believe in the end times

Photo by Author of a Squirrel skull in rural Colorado

As my company is called More Belief, I like to track what is being said in the world of "believing"

A fascinating poll (here) from the Christian Point of View. I say let the Christians have their end times. My hope is that perhaps maybe it will end the version of Christianity fixated on blind faith and damnation.

What comes after that. I'm curious.  Zombie stories are too easy. Even if the Walking Dead is supposed to be great.

My understanding is that the holiest will be swept away to heaven while the sinners will be essentially torched in hell for eternity. But where is heaven? And what is hell? They both might be on earth. At any given point, we're living in a state of denial and causing our own hell. We could also be awakening as individuals and creating our own heaven right here on earth.