The chimp in charge of EVERYTHING

A quick time lapse drawing to a story I recently told my son at bedtime. Enjoy!

There once was a chimp in charge of EVERYTHING.

He believed in breaking windows, chopping stuff up, and shouting all the time.

And EVERYONE loved him. They spent all day breaking, chopping, and shouting. And they were happy.

Until one day, a little dog said, "Mr. Chimpanzee, I have broken glass in my paws." And a mouse came along and said, "I have chopped off all my whiskers!"

And as the chimpanzee tried to help them, a hippo hobbled up and shouted, "MISTER CHIMPANZEE, THERE'S TOO MUCH SHOUTING! I'M GOING TO LOSE MY HEARING! CAN SOMEONE ELSE BE IN CHARGE?!!"

So, since chimpanzee didn't want ANYONE to get hurt, he decided to only be in charge of breaking eggs, and chopping only wood, and only shouting when the little ones needed to come home.

And after that, NO ONE was in charge of EVERYTHING ever again.

-told to my son on the way to bed tonight.