Video Ideation & Production

Creating the story that makes your message come alive.

We transform your story from a one-dimensional commodity into a three-dimensional solution that connects to your audience's imagination. We believe that illustrated video when done right, makes your business unforgettable.

We ask a lot of questions to understand your business, your goals and your target audience. Then we decide the best kind of storytelling that will resonate with that audience. It could be hard-hitting, humorous, or emotional. It may leave a lot of white space or fill the frame with images, but in either case, it will feel like magic. It’s all about finding the right way in so you get the most out of your investment.


Working with a company that can convert greenhouse gas into compostable plastics, we couldn't believe they were innovating even further. How to make the new innovation shine brightly, while not neglecting the extraordinary breakthrough in their initial research and success. The solution was to dial the writing to the letter and personify the lactic acid itself by stretching our stop-action capabilities, and working with frame by frame lighting effects tied to great sound design all on a tightly managed budget. This dancing molecular structure provided an obvious inroad to this incredible client story. The response has been, well, "naturally advanced..."


Worked with Repast Studios and Design Replace to create this really playful, emergent project for Activ8. The client wanted to include us on set, even asked us to participate in their work, so the experience is really a video of graphic recording incorporated into their live action documentary footage. More Belief stepped up to do the interviewing, creative direction, and meaning-making with the client at a shoot in their office post-event. A new way of working that we now offer clients as a way of energizing the on-set experience with illustration.


Produced this piece as our foundational approach to whiteboard animation. By engaging the extraordinary video talent, Repast Studios, we explored more cinematic lighting, mixing time-lapse with stop-motion, and a small nod to live-action. Throughout the planning, we tried to avoid the pitfalls of video-scribe wheelhouses that create too much density by keeping the space open and clean, focusing instead on making the story do the heavy lifting with More Belief's powerhouse writer, Anni Murray-Rudegeair.


After a graphic recording a session at a Saint Paul School with the Community Education Director and the Student Engagement Advisory Board (SEAB) she helped to form, we got to thinking. Could we make a video together? The problem was how to rethink an outdated tool called the youth engagement ladder. It favored the adult. Our solution? We worked with student writers, voiceover actors, and hand-models to turn the ladder into a bridge.

whiteboard animation video.jpg

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