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Make Space for Change. For Good.

Strategic art for creative, transformational leaders in the form of live-event illustration (graphic recording) and animated video.  Our clients include 3M, Land-O-Lakes, Natureworks, Medtronic, HealthEast, Nutra Blend, Health Partners, Regions Hospital, Saint Paul Public Schools, the Social Impact Hub, the City of Minneapolis, and TedX Minneapolis.


Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable.
— Sunni Brown

Timothy Foss (Spaceman Tim) is the founder, CEO, and principal graphic astronaut of the storytelling company, MORE BELIEF. He has spent over 20 years in the visual arts—teaching at the university level, exhibiting in national retail stores, galleries, and museums, and working with local and multi-national organizations to make space for change. In 2010, He received a Masters of Fine Art in Visual Storytelling from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The unifying principle of all his work is what he calls the Story of Space (hence the nickname). He considers inner and outer space to be vast and infinite. Providing others with blank visual space to make change, counteracts the widely held sensibility that the world is encroaching on us, and provides spacial-justice to those who have been squeezed out.

To that end, he currently focuses on live-event illustration called Graphic Recording. He is training new practitioners, and expanding the scope of MORE BELIEF to include other kinds of purpose-driven-improvisation. He is also co-producing a podcast called Creatures of Earth about how we can assist our own evolution, and whether we should.

He lives in Minneapolis with his wife, their five-year old boy (who believes all sketchbooks are flip charts), and their two-year old girl (who paints often, mainly on her hands, and mostly purple).

There are some people you “have to work with” and others that you “get to work with”. Tim definitely falls in that second camp. It was such a pleasure working with Tim. Not only is he a talented artist and conceptual thinker...he is also a great guy. Whenever I think about him I have to smile.
— Jen Casson, Producer, Room 214
Tim is an absolute pleasure to work with. His efficiency and calculated decision-making keeps projects going at the perfect pace, while keeping them creatively rich with his brilliant illustrations and creative interpretations of a given project or story. I can honestly say that Tim is the easiest, yet most professional person I have ever worked with, as well as being such a creatively gifted individual.
— Greg Johnson, Panic Sound

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