Graphic Recording & Visual Facilitation

Make your meeting or event something people can't stop talking about.

Our professional artists draw on stage during meetings, keynotes, and other events to help attendees feel like part of the action, help teams innovate, and help you get everyone excited about ideas. 

Afterwards, use the drawings as marketing assets wherever you want your story told. We can even transform your strategic visuals into framed posters, beautifully-printed books, video with custom-scripted narration, and more.

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The Benefits of Brain Based Learning

Watch our Chief of Belief talk, draw, and itch his way through how it works.

Whiteboard Video Production

Stand apart with a unique visual style: equal parts lo-fi and high tech, with clever stop-action and award-winning scripts, for insane impact.





Natureworks, CLIENT VIDEO


Saint Paul Public Schools, CLIENT VIDEO—


"Inner and outer space is vast and infinite. The art of More Belief is an abundant space. To make change that counteracts scarcity. To provide spacial-justice to voices that have been squeezed out. We make space for change. For good." 

CEO | Founder | Principal Visual Practitioner

Timothy Foss

Timothy Foss brings over 20 years of experience working as a fine artist, and entrepreneur in the creative industry. He founded MORE BELIEF as a futurist wanting to tell a new story that closed the gap between the arts and leadership.

After receiving a masters in visual storytelling in Boulder, Colorado—a hotbed of entrepreneurship—he discovered his art could be strategic. His most rewarding creative project to date, is building a team that can amend the former disconnect between wellness and success.

He is stunned by the creativity of his clients, and is growing a community of partners and associates that propel MORE BELIEF to innovate.


Founder | President

Josh Adams

Josh brings an incredible sensitivity to business development as it relates to the people that we serve. Leadership and project management experience is informed by his training as an engineer, bringing human-centered design to our team. He ensures that we have the resources and structure for each artist to feel liberated to do their best work. He is operationalizing the financial, sales and workflow systems of MORE BELIEF to take everything out of the way of our relationships and the creation of impactful strategic art for our diverse community of customers.  

In his past, Josh has founded 3 companies, managing a $35 million spend in corporate America, and traveling throughout Asia and Central America to develop projects. When he met the MORE BELIEF team, he became a believer.

More Belief

Minneapolis, MN