Reconnecting with a Dis-organized 4 Year Old

What you will need: A set of earplugs, one 4-year old, throwable toy objects, a stud finder, a drill, an eye hook, a sky chair, a ceiling

  1. Put an earplugs in ears.

  2. Move slowly away from flying toy objects and screaming. Try not to draw attention to yourself as this may entice the subject.

  3. Quickly, use a studfinder to locate a floor joist in your basement ceiling.

  4. Still moving efficiently, use your drill to drive a pilot hole in this ceiling.

  5. Screw in a 5/8" eye hook or larger.

  6. Hang a sky chair from your ceiling.

  7. Again, without drawing too much attention to yourself, sit down slowly, and begin swinging casually as if relaxed.

  8. Relax.

  9. Once your pre-schooler notices, welcome him or her onto your lap for a snuggle.