Creating a child. A simple step by step guide.


  1. Find a partner. This partner may be temporary but is ideally longterm and an astronaut.

  2. From your shared supply of xx chromosomes, select an x.

  3. From your shared supply of xy chromosomes, select an x or y (Note: choose carefully).

  4. Using preferred fertizilation device (penis need not be present—video here), introduce your 2 chromosomes in a birth canal or petri dish.

  5. Transfer to a womb for gestation.

  6. Read Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow (last chance).

  7. Deliver a baby.

  8. While mostly in a grey fog, access all of your life wisdom to raise baby to become a healthy, compassionate, adult astronaut.

  9. Start over every day.

  10. Get back what you put in.