How to host a farm dinner. Chickens and Chamber Music?

MORE BELIEF is in process with Monica Walch from Dinner on the Farm to enhance the flow at her events. Her guests currently engage in a gentle, laid back dinner cooked by a local culinary star, and are served food grown right on the land where they've spread their picnic blanket. Having recently enjoyed a friend's birthday party at one of these meals (See photo above), I have to say, there's not much one could do to make that experience any better.

What inspires me about her dinners, though, is how close they come to really calling food and the community that gathers around it, a sacred experience. How could that sacredness be felt on a more transcendent level?  Some of my brainstorms are below.

But now you can join Monica and Ben Weaver's most recent collaboration where some of this kind of more transcendent thinking is already being experimented with. See this City Pages interview with them to find out about their October 4th event called WonderGather. I'll be there. If you want to be, Email to join the ride to the farm that will leave from Angry Catfish Saturday morning.