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Not ready to move on? Just heave the past along with you.

Today, when my 5-year old son didn't want to leave the Mississippi river banks to go home for his grilled cheese, he chose to insist on carrying home the log he was playing with by the river. Being who we are, and considering who he is, my wife and I have learned to just go ahead and let him try. It's rarely worth trying to convince him to leave it. 

In this case, he really did carry a log up the 50 foot river bank in mud and leaves, slipping and falling and crying for the first 20 feet, but slowly smiling at himself as he cleared the low brush and crested the hill to the trail. Everyone started to cheer up in fact as we realized he'd managed to pull off this ridiculous feat of 5-year old strength, and by the time he reached the final stairway to ascend to the city street 3 blocks from home, we were more than happy to lift the far end when he asked for a little help. Till then, he'd refused the slightest bit of assistance.

The moral? Who knows. But maybe it's something like this. When you're so convinced that what you're doing is so vital that you can't leave it behind when life forces you to move on. Maybe just heave your past along for a bit until you're ready to be in the place you are going next. It might be more work, sure—the anti-zen—but perhaps it's the best and most hilarious way to move on.