Men are Limited

This is not news to women, nor is it exclusive to men, but it must be said out loud sometimes.

Men are limited.

The highest any man has ever jumped is a hair over eight feet. And while I am amazed that Javier Sotomayor managed to do this, it's only eight feet.

There are no Million Dollar Men; there are no Jason Bournes; there are no James Bonds. In fact the closest thing we have to any of these characters are war criminals or psychopaths or both. See this Mother Jones article about the 62 mass killings America has witnessed since 1982 committed by 44 men and 1 woman.

So do men suck? They don't, they are limited. I am limited. But we are taught to be strong yet gentle, wise yet foolish, powerful yet meek, free yet stable, proud yet humble.

There are many paradoxes faced by women too. Men are catching up trying to identify their own.

We are a limited species living in a culture that believes in doing more than we can. Let's confess that we are human (and maybe stop producing war criminals and psychopaths too). At the very least, let's slow down and relate.