Easy & Simple Quick start guide to worry free child-rearing

TaiChi Baby -Timothy Foss

  1. Identify the baby.
  2. Be sure it is not yourself.
  3. Be sure it is not your spouse.
  4. If you feel it is yourself, ask your spouse to hold you like a baby sometimes.
  5. Become lonely. Being a grown up is lonely. Repeat 4 as needed.
  6. Be good. Mostly to yourself. Fail and start over.
  7. Provide everything to the baby that it needs. 
  8. Teach the baby which feelings accompany which actions. Do not judge. Teach.
  9. Do not shame the baby as it grows up.
  10. If you do. Be ashamed. Not all shame is toxic. Repair yourself. 
  11. Let the pain of shame remind you that you are trying to be better.  
  12. Adjust yourself. Try not to become numb. Try something different. Notice everything. 
  13. Around age 18, Send baby into world.