How I use earplugs to practice clairaudience

photo by author of Author's Truth ear

  1. Are you clairaudient? Do your ears ring? Do you know truth intuitively when you hear it? 
  2. Always carry a pair of foam earplugs in your pockets—one in the left, one in the right. These are my favorite earplugs. 
  3. Determine which of your ears hears the truth. For me, my right ear is more sensitive to loud noises. Plug that ear often. Protect it from noise pollution. Maintain its sensitivity.
  4. Now. Listen for the truth. For me, it's like an agitation all over my body when I feel I'm listening to something inauthentic. My chest gets tight. I feel panicked that I've somehow caused a bad interaction. It could be different for you.
  5. Learn to track this feeling. Don't blame yourself for it. Use it for good.
  6. When you can't make a decision, find a moment. Use both earplugs and listen inward. Sometimes you'll hear a clear voice. Sometimes just focus on the ringing, and you'll feel an answer arise. 
  7. Occasionally, take the time to replace these earplugs with fresh ones. This keeps the truth fresh.
  8. Thank your old plugs for their help.