Graphic Recording

with visual storyteller, Timothy Foss

An audio recording only captures what is said, but I illustrate what I’m listening to, and people become interested in watching me listen. It’s different because the act of Graphic Recording is not just a drawing of what is said, it’s actually what listening looks like in action, and it inspires people to listen well.

If you are charged with leading an event where you are gathering people together in real, waking life, you want them to leave with a shared story. But people often feel rushed, or overwhelmed when they arrive, and your agenda alone can’t fix it.

listening illustrated

Graphic recording is listening illustrated. As a visual storyteller, I attune to people’s ideas, emotions, and interactions. If your agenda is full of amazing speakers and sessions, you want people to listen. While I illustrate your event live—turning it into a visual narrative—I also demonstrate active listening and it’s contagious. request an estimate >>

Elevate Meetings & Conferences

Everyone is drowning in meetings and conferences that waste time and energy. Graphic recording helps people dive deeper into their shared story and reconnect when we need it most. So while the drawings I make will definitely help people see connections, visualize problems, and feel like part of the action, it is my attention to the person speaking that reminds them to listen. When they revisit the drawings later, it reminds them that they listened well, but their memory of what they heard hums with color and action. request an estimate >>

Make Learning Tangible

Learning never happens all at once. We lose faith in ourselves as we learn and often quit early as we lose confidence. To really understand something, we need to process what we learn again and again. We put in thousands of hours to understand something by practicing it. Visuals makes practice tangible whether you are asked to interact, or simply look at something differently. When we include basic, visual design principles in our learning, we see how we’re making progress. We feel confident we can grow and our desire to learn is renewed. request an estimate >>

Surround your space

Many of our events are held in spaces that we have all become bored of, because they are meant to be left blank when you leave. The images I create are large scale, so as they increase in numbers, they act as the container for your event. In order to capture people’s imagination, I create graphic recordings that can surround your attendees and help them remember what your conference felt like in full color. request an estimate >>

Create Killer Assets

Hand-drawn illustration for marketing, education, & impact

When people are socializing during your event, or while there is a clear story you want to tell them while I am graphic recording, you can build in some time with me ahead of time to coordinate how I will capture your event. This is great for pitching teams, or presenting new launches. When I illustrate your participant’s questions spontaneously, they also know they are being heard, and your new ideas pull their interest. It’s way better than sounding pushy. Plus it makes great social media! request an estimate >>

The Many Things Your Graphic Recording Can Become... 

Graphic Recording as a Global Language

Client: 3M-Global Council on Oral Care

Recordings as Visual Summary

Client: Medtronic I.T. Team Branding Retreat

Graphic Recording as Poster Campaign

Client: City of Medina, Minnesota Core Values Deep Dive

Graphic Recording as Logbook

Client: Bush Foundation Learning Leaders

Graphic Recording for your Presentation

Client: Association of Professional City Managers

Performance Drawing

Client: Cisco Global Sales Event

Graphic Recording as Timelapse Video

Client: Medtronic Team Strategy Session

Business Model Canvas

Client: Leadership Consulting Firm—Disruptive Element